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In Need of 4th Roommate 
05:10pm 13/01/2008
01:46pm 11/06/2007
  I'm in desperate need for 3 people to take over my lease at the High Tree apartments. For several different reasons, me and my two other roommates are unable to return to Grand Valley/ the Grand Rapids area/can't afford the lease. If we don't find anyone, we will have to pay even if we are not living there. Please let me know if you or anyone else you know needs somewhere to live next year. The rent is $385/ month. You can get more information here. If you have any questions, comment here or feel free to email me: jdietzel06@yahoo.com.

Jones Soda Contest 
03:05pm 06/04/2007
  I have submitted pictures and would REALLY appericiate your help.  If you would be so kind, please go to this link and vote for my three pictures and give them a ten I'd be grateful.  
Wanted.. One, possibly 2 roommates! 
08:06pm 31/03/2007

I was just wondering if anyone was looking for a place to live next year. This girls are super fun the only reason I am leaving is because I am going to move downtown so there is definatly one, possibly two openings in our place in Hightree. Rent is $370 a month and utilities are about 30 a month. Also if you wanted to live there this summer as well it would be $370 for all of May-July! You would have your own room with a big closet and share a full bath with another girl. Let me know if you're interested!

Holy crap, a mod post! 
04:28am 12/03/2007
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We need another roommate!! 
03:40pm 20/02/2007
  My roommate and I and another friend of ours are looking to lease an apartment in Country Place because we got gyped in the freshman lottery, for the next fall and winter semesters. Problem is we need a forth person or we each pay another $1000 which is not an option. Is there anyone (preferably female) out there that needs a place to live next year? Please let me know as soon as possible.  
03:52pm 27/10/2006
  I work for a grand rapids buisness and I am looking to hire someone. The job would be to go to bars and clubs and do temporary airbrush tattoos. Pay is good (up to $20/hr). Experience with art would be nice, but absolutley no experience is nessicary. We can fully train you and the system is increadibly easy to pick up and learn. If your interested comment here, email me at feketesteve@yahoo.com, or call me at (810) 623-4699 and leave a message. I will get back to you with more information/answers to questions.

Steve Fekete

Sorry for the x-posting. Please don't flame.
Room Available! 
05:23pm 19/10/2006
  I'm currently living in a townhouse in Hillcrest with 3 other gurls. I'm trying to find someone to take over my lease so that I can move out. You get your own room but have to share a bathroom with one person. It's a three story townhouse with 2 and a half bathrooms. The rent is $400 a month not including utilities but those aren't usually too much. I'm trying to move out ASAP! Let me know if anyone is interested!  
10:26pm 20/08/2006
  I have a lightly used drumset I'm looking to sell. I have it at my apartment in Allendale and I would be willing to deliver. Details below the cut:

Drum Set InfoCollapse )
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09:16am 27/07/2006
  Hey Everyone. I was wondering if there happened tobe anyone out there who needed a roomate for the fall or winter semesters, in an off campus apartment. I am thinking about doing this, depending on prices and things, but cannot find anyone who needs an apartment. Just message me back if you have any info for me. Thanks :)

~Abby f.
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Dell Laptop For Sale, accepting offers 
10:51pm 25/07/2006
mood: apathetic
I am selling my Laptop. It is a Dell Precision M50, with some personal upgrades made by me. It is currently under warranty for another 30 days. Listed below are the specs.
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Looking for a place to live! 
02:47pm 11/07/2006
  I'm an incoming freshman and I'm looking for another female who would like to rent out an apartment together or someone who needs a roommate!

I'm neat, non-smoker, social drinker..

If you're interested, know of anyone who's looking for a roommate, or if you just have any questions please comment!

- Jordan Elizabeth
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Roommate Needed ASAP 
09:42am 06/07/2006
  I have a two bedroom first floor apartment at Campus West for the upcoming fall and winter
and I need a second female roommate to join me.
I am a non-smoker and pretty neat. I prefer non-drinkers or light drinkers.

If you are interested, please comment me with any questions.

Thank You

Hillary Kate
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01:56pm 17/05/2006
  Hey Kids!
I was wondering if anyone knew anyone that owns a grocery store/market/deli or what have you that wouldn't mind if I took photos inside. The photos would not be of the store itself but of a model(person) I will have inside the store. No shelf products will be shown.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, its for my senior photography thesis!! misty.minna@gmail.com
07:22pm 11/05/2006
  I was wondering if anyone had a flute for sale that I could buy. I played the clarinet in high school, but I always had fun stealing my friend's flute to play.

I'm hoping to stay in the free (it would be to a good home, I promise!!) to 40 dollar range. I know that's low, but I'm just looking for an old junker that's probably sitting in someone's attic wasting away.....
System for Sale! 
11:50pm 30/04/2006
  Who wants to buy an awesome car stereo system?

Bazooka EL 2150 power amp (750 watts)
Kenwood KDC-419 Sirius-ready cd deck
2 Polk GXR 12 inch subwoofers
all encased and ready to be installed with included wiring harnesses and everything you need.

make an offer!
10:11pm 22/04/2006


Senior student seeks models for thesis project

All shapes and sizes / Males and Females


**Must NOT be camera shy!!
**Must have reliable transportation
**Must be available during the summer (May-June)
**Must be in the GR/Allendale/Jenison/Grandville etc.. area for summer
**Must have commitment with photographer until project is completed

Monetary compensation can not be provided 

Model will receive:
 Meijer gift card ($10) for each shoot completed 
Finished copies of any prints produced


Please email misty.minna@gmail.com if interested
Please provide name, size, contact info and availability

Moving Sale (Sort of!) 
05:48pm 12/04/2006
  My parents are in the process of moving between houses and are trying to purge some of their furniture that no longer needed. I thought what better place to offer these items than here!

Computer Desk - $25Collapse )

TV Cart - $15Collapse )

Color TV - $25Collapse )

ALL THREE - $55, Delivery Extra, Available at end of April.
12:23am 31/01/2006
  New auctions are here!!!!
10:40pm 22/01/2006
  New auctions